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‘Age of Ultron’ Vs ‘Marvel Zombies’ Announced


age-of-ultron-vs-marvel-zombies-109282Marvel Comics have released a new image teasing a return to some of Marvel’s BEST alternate-universes, the nasty dystopian future that is ‘Age of Ultron’ and the fan favourite ‘Marvel Zombies’ series/event/saga.

If I had to guess, I’d bet my money it’s a crossover that’ll see the morbid Marvelites cross into the alternate future universe known as the ‘Age of Ultron.’

Quick history lesson now then, let’s start with Age of Ultron.
2710208-age_of_ultron_1Surely the name is familiar? It’s the screen name Marvel have given the Avengers movie sequel yes, but it’s also taken from the comic series Marvel debuted in March of 2013.  The Marvel Universe has lived in fear that the artificial intelligence known as Ultron would one day evolve to fulfil its greatest desire: to wipe out all organic life and take over the Earth. Well, in this series he does exactly that. The few super hero survivors try desperately to stay alive while a near-broken Captain America leads a ragtag counterattack as Wolverine goes on a head tripping journey into the past – that creates an all-new Marvel Universe. Seriously, brains melted reading this one.

Marvel_Zombies_hardcoverAnd as for the Marvel Zombies, Well… It was never really supposed to be this big. It was mostly a joke many said but… ok look, we all know that one comic fan who only reads Marvel, week to week in the comic shop and only peruses the latest Marvel comics and won’t touch any other publishers? Ladies and gentlemen, the Marvel Zombie.
That was the original term before Marvel decided to launch a 5 issue mini-series (that honestly? had NO right to be as good as it was) way back in 2005. The actual origins for this alternate earth spin out of Ultimate Fantastic Four series (issues 21-23) but when they launched the mini-series, wow. The series spread faster than its own infectious plague and spawned a crazy amount of sequels, crossovers and prequels. But the best parts of the whole Marvel Zombies franchise for me were those Arthur Sydum covers. They were so popular in fact, that Marvel released a hardback collection of JUST the covers and some notes on each one from Arthur himself. Not even a little ashamed to say I have one.

In any event, the idea of Marvel Zombies and The Age of Ultron playing into whatever it is that Marvel is teasing it implies either a time-travel or multiverse story.
Either way, Age of Ultron crossed with the Marvel Zombies? — This will make money, (some of it mine yes). Take the title for the next Avengers movie and a story written by The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman about super powered, reality hopping zombies?– Hit of Summer 2015.