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Yen Press Announce Manga Adaptation of Disney's "Big Hero 6"


Needless to say Disney fans everywhere are waiting almost patiently for the release of the companies CG film “Big Hero 6”. The film being based on an obscure team of super heroes operating out of Japan (Marvel Comics). This will be first Disney inspired film to become a full blown manga adaptation where other films have made it to being one shot manga adaptations (WALL-E and Tangled) and panels in magazines like “Big Hero 6” in Weekly Shōnen Magazine which ran “Episode 0” the prologue on August 6th by Haruki Ueno.
Yen Press (Northern America) announced through Twitter that they had would be publishing the manga adaptation of “Big Hero 6”.

The film which follows Hiro who has lost his brother in a mysterious accident and Baymax a robot who had been developed and created by his brother. The adventure follows Hiro as he begins to embrace his own genius and his companion Baymax as they band together to solve the mystery behind what happened his brother fighting danger all along the way.