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VIZ Media introduces “JUMP START” Initiative


WSJ2014_09_08_Cover (1)VIZ Media has begun a digital publishing initiative to bring down the barriers of time and distance in order to bring new Shonen Jump manga titles to international fans on the same day of Japanese debut; starting with newest release “JUDOS” by Shinsuke Kondo which launched yesterday (September 8th). Creating a co-operation between their English language WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP digital manga magazine and the original Japanese print version.
As the first “JUMP START” title “JUDOS” is a high impact martial arts series that follows 15 year old Hana Yanagi and he is aiming to be the best judo practitioner in his village which amazingly produces some of the world’s most dominant fighters.
As it moves forward VIZ Media will instantaneously premiere one chapter per week of every brand new manga title that debuts in Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump in the English counterpart on the same day of the general print release in Japan. This will give more awareness and support for a whole new set of captivating titles and manga creators.
Along with “JUDOS” Weekly Shonen Jump in the September 15th issue will premiere the English release of “HI- FI CLUSTER” by Ippei Goto a sci-fi crime thriller. Also making it’s debut in the September 23rd issue is the sports medicine manga “SPORTING SALT” by Yuto Kubota.
For those out there thinking Weekly Shonen Jump is only available to readers in the United States it is also available to readers in the UK, IRELAND, Australia and more. It can be accessed through the Weekly Shonen Jump Newsstand App available in the Apple store or for android on the Weekly Shonen Jump App on the Google Play Store. Readers will be able to see their releases every Monday at 10am (PST) and not only are monthly subscriptions available but automatic renewals as well. For more information: http://shonenjump.viz.com/international-wsj-app