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Teaser Trailer for Scandal Season 4


‘Scandal’ is my lifeblood! I stumbled onto it on a Netflix bender and watched it all across one week! Scandal stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, a woman who can fix any problem for any one and she’s damn good at it. Her team of ‘gladiators’ fight for what they believe in and while they do get paid well for their work this team is more about protecting the innocent and whenever possible righting wrongs!
That’s not to say that Pope and her associates are always on the right side, operating in the murky sides of politics and the law, Olivia runs with the President of the US and his team and the show surrounds her relationship with the most powerful man in the world and her love for him.
If you haven’t watched it and you enjoy your suspense, mystery and thriller shows with a serious helping of twists and turns then you have to check out ‘Scandal‘. It’s killing me to keep all these spoilers to myself right now!

The Scandal season four premiere is set for release in the US September 25th.