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Netflix Launches Spoilers Feature


There is nothing worse than someone going on a tirade about that villain the Game of Thrones or the latest scandal in Orange is the New Black
However Netflix disagrees, so much so in fact that they have launched  a special section on their site to show you the those most talked about scenes in many popular films and TV shows.
They display these spoilers in an amazing Russian roulette style fashion which randomly selects clips from a database of spoilers. You are also able to take a quiz to see what type of spoiler you are or vote on which spoiler should be allowed into the public domain.
I’ve had a goo at this app a few times already and there and while there are some great ones that I would consider harmless myself, (Such as Pretty Little Liars, Battlestar Galactica and Revenge there are one or two that I mildly panicked about such as Lost ( I realise I’m way behind on this one) and maybe the Hunger Games.
So give it a go.. if you dare!