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Irish Teenagers Win The Google Science Fair 2014


Ciara Judge (16), Emer Hickey (16) and Sophie Healy-Thow (16) from Kinsale Co. Cork have beaten entries from 17 competitors from schools all over the world and taken the top prize at the Google Science Fair 2014. The trio continue their winning streak, having won the BT Young Scientist Award in 2013 and representing Ireland at the EU Young Scientist Awards and claiming top prize there as well.
The sixteen year olds impressed judges and garnered worldwide attention for their work on seed germination and in particular their discovery of how a naturally occuring bacteria found in soil can help speed up the germinating process for certain crops by nearly 50%.
The group have won themselves an all expenses field trip to the Galapagos Islands, a NASA astronaut training seminar and a €30,000 scholarship as well as the prestige and honour that comes with winning such a high profile competition.