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iOS 8 Bug Could Delete your iCloud Documents

After a rough few weeks for Apple with Bendgate and the disaster that was iOS 8 rollout it looks like things aren’t going to get any better for poor Apple.

MacRumors has reported that a particularly nasty bug in iOS8 could potentially erase iWork documents stored in iCloud. It has also been reported that the “reset all settings” option not only deletes things off your phone.. it now deletes documents from your iCloud, permanently, despite it clearly stating that “no data or media will be deleted”
After many complaints on the MacRumors forum they in turn tested it and found that this does indeed delete all the documents stored on both the iCloud and the iPhone.  Whats even worse is that when the iCloud was then synced with the Mac running OS X Yosemite, the documents were removed from the Mac as well.
Based on the backups that would have been taken it is possible to restore the files  but nothing is certain . Apple hasn’t acknowledge the bug for now but it is probably safe to say that “reset all settings” shouldn’t be touched until Apple can shed some light on the subject.