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The Arcade @ Dublin Comic Con


Dublin Comic Con has been and gone and like last year we were on hand to take it all in, soak up all the geekiness and if we’d any time left over to run some tournaments!  Our team were on hand to oversee card game and board game tournaments ranging from Munchkin to Mage Knight, Monopoly to Cards Against Humanity and everything and anything in between! On top of all that we were going to be involved in a panel or two, I was lucky enough to share the stage with The Irish Pubcast for a panel on the Geek Community in Ireland and then straight after host one alongside our News Editors, Naomi and Anthony to talk about the Arcade, writing as a critic and look at the pros and cons of running a magazine site.
Like last year DCC did not disappoint, the crowd was huge once again, an eclectic mix and smattering of families, friends and geeks all shuffling about, hundreds of costumes to ogle, displays to marvel at and shops to visit. DCC has cemented itself as the place to be for fledgling for geeks to cut their teeth, to sample all the amazing things the Irish community has to offer and once more they have set an excellent standard.
Guests Ernie Hudson, Kevin Conroy, Alan Grant and Virginia Hey were all on hand to meet eager fans, talk openly about their work and brought a huge amount of energy to the show.
Above you’ll find a collection of just some of the amazing costumes (and writers up to no good!) on show at the weekend with the photographs all taken by Danny Kelly. Below you’ll find the fantastic video from Grahamedia highlighting even more of the two day event, in all of it’s glory!
I just want to take a moment to thank Karl Walsh for letting us be a small part of DCC and for his help over the weekend! The show is an absolute credit to you and your team and everyone here is looking forward to what you bring in 2015!