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Studio Ghibli Rumours Put to Rest


Studio_Ghibli_Logo_by_zerocustom1989-2360The last 24 hours has been a mess of ‘Studio Ghibli is closing forever!’ and ‘No more films from Ghibli!’, but it seems it’s been blown out of proportion.
Yes, Hayao Miyazaki’s retirement is true. This, however, does not mean all doom and gloom for the studio. They have not said there will be no more films. They have not said they will be closing their doors.
Studio Ghible General Manager, Toshio Suzuki has stated;
It’s difficult to put into words. There is a big change coming to the structure of Studio Ghibli.”
He then went on to address Miyazaki’s retirement and what it meant for the studio; 
“Obviously Miyazaki’s retirement is an enormous change and we are considering how to proceed from such an event but… we don’t believe we can just continue with the same approach as we had before. We are taking a small break to think on how best to proceed from here.”
The only confirmed information regarding the studio’s status is that the studio is taking a ‘small break’ to reassess the situation.