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Shout Out: Storybrooke, We Are Both


Storybrooke has awoken from its curse of twenty-eight years and now that everyone remembers what was done to them by the Evil Queen, there are more than a few who would see her head on a spike. But this our World and here, the rules are different. With dark magic now at the hands of those who can wield it and a rogue form of white faery magic making some of the town members very ill, how will the residents cope in a town they can’t escape from? And all the while they are still trying to come to terms with the two personalities battling for supremacy in their heads.

Now that’s an intro!  To be honest I’m quite a newbie when it comes to both Once Upon a Time and RPG’s but with a introduction like that on their website how can you not be intrigued?
It is based on an alternate universe where anything in Tallahassee is different in the sense that they might receive similar flashbacks but the storylines on how they came to Storybrook is different.
This RPG focuses on a view of the lives of these characters in real life as they try and adjust to the harsh reality that they can never return to a place that accepts magic. There is quite a heavy focus on the relationships that characters have with each other and how they cope with the trauma of their past. They now have to deal with very real human issues that present themselves in their lives every day.
There are plenty of characters that need to be filled including Ariel, The Blue Fairy, Mulan and many more to come! as mentioned above because this is an alternate universe some characters have different backstories so its a good idea to read up on the characters before getting involved.
This RPG is administrated by the wonderful girls Nikki, Emma and Kiki who are more than happy to help with any queries regarding the roleplay. As this roleplay contains occasional content of an adult nature you must be over 16 to apply to this RPG.
There is plenty more information available on their site here. Definitely worth looking at if you are a fan of Fantasy RPG’s