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Resident Evil set for a TV series?


Whether you are a fan of the Paul W. Anderson films or the most recent games in the franchise; It is difficult to dispute that they have both heavily shifted away from the darker tone and unsettling atmosphere of the original games, in favour of a more fast paced, action orientated zombie killing franchise.
An old expression of “art imitating art” harkens us back to the current run of Resident Evil games that have been undergoing something of a makeover in their veteran years.
The games have begun to reflect the style of the Anderson led Resident Evil movies, because they are massively profitable among casual film goers.
This leaves a void for certain hardcore gore/horror fans of the game series who have expressed disillusion with the current product due to how unfaithful it is to the original source material. For those of you out there who are looking for what might be a throwback to the PlayStation one classics; look no further than this latest endeavour by Capcom.

Capcom are looking to produce a live action Resident Evil television series. The series is described as a prequel to the first Resident Evil game and seems to strive for a more subtle style of horror that is sure to appease old school survival horror fans.
Currently, it is up in the air whether it will make it past this initial pitch trailer. If we were to judge purely on fan reactions alone, then it has a strong chanceof getting picked up.  This author certainly hopes so! What do you guys think?