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Podcast Pop Quiz #1 John E Capcom


Pop Quiz, hotshot – you’re John E Capcom, co-host of Sidecast, and suddenly a member of the Arcade’s elite writing team asks you 10 questions about your show and why their readers should find it and listen to it.
1. What inspired you to create a podcast?
1. I’ve never actually created a podcast, I’ve just been invited along for the ride by others. I usually join in on any projects people offer because its fun pure and simple. That and I’m an attention hog, so if someone can offer me an audience who’ll listen to me I’ll take it.
2. What’s your podcast about?
2. I don’t really know, we seem to live to find ways of accusing each other of racism/sexism etc on air though. So lets just say Liberal Guilt.
3. There’s a lot of podcasts out there now. Why should listeners choose yours? (And don’t just say “because it’s awesome”)
3. If they want to. Podcasts are just like children, there are way too many of them and none of them are special despite what their creators think.
285-_97018904. Can you recommend an episode for new listeners to start on?
4. I’d reccomend finding the one where Matt gives out to Keith about Grover from Sesame Street being a bum who can’t hold down a job. I don’t know the episode number. Just give one of the recent ones a go.
5. How has your show changed since you started recording?
5. The conversations flow better, there is a familiar patter with each episode now. Oh and Meg isn’t on any more. She’s too busy tattooing sick tribals and being on TV to talk to any of us anymore.
6. What’s your favorite episode that you’ve done?
6. Probably that one about Grover. I nearly died from laughing at how mean Matt was to Keith who was just trying to tell a story about how his Grandad used to read him “The Monster at the end of this book” when he was four or something.
7. What’s the weirdest gift/comment/review you’ve ever gotten from your listeners?
7. Ken Duddly, my biggest fan, once described me as “looking like a more handsome version of Geddy Lee”, which is the best thing anyone has ever said about me ever.

8. If you could have a celebrity guest on your show, who would it be?
8. Vince McMahon. No question about that. He is the greatest eccentric bilionaire of all time.
9. Where can people find you and your show?
9. The internet.
10. Finally, what are you watching, playing or otherwise enjoying right now?
10. I’m listening to Vince DiCola’s Transformers The Movie score a lot. Its a great 80’s synthy masterpiece. I’ve been playing through Mass Effect 2 for the first time too, I’m really looking forward to seeing my Shepard have sex with Garrus. I also watched “You’re Next” for the first time recently and its a horror movie I can’t reccomend enough. Thats about it.