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P.T. – Silent Hills Demo


P.T.SilentHills1We here at the Arcade (especially Anto) are insanely excited for the next Silent Hill installment; Silent Hills. The lovechild of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, Silent Hills has already taken the gaming world by storm with the teaser demo.
P.T., in the end standing for Playable Teaser, is one of the scariest half an hours I’ve ever witnessed. You begin as an unarmed man wandering the halls in an empty house. It’s pretty atmospheric from the get go, but as you make your way through, you best hold onto your panties.
There’s three hallways in the house, and once you get to the end of the third one, a door brings you right back to the start of the first one. The fun snag is that every time you walk through these halls, it’s a different experience. Between slamming doors, distorted photos, a billion jump-scares and the obligatory creepy noises, this walk through the halls is not something anyone will enjoy.
For a trailer/demo, it’s incredible. It plays like an indie game but so much more well constructed. Definitely worth playing, though.
And for your own sake, don’t look in the sink.
P.T. is available now on the PS4.