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Miyamoto Suggests Shift in Nintendo's Approach To Customers


“[These are] the sort of people who, for example, might want to watch a movie. They might want to go to Disneyland…Their attitude is, ‘okay, I am the customer. You are supposed to entertain me.’ It’s kind of a passive attitude they’re taking, and to me it’s kind of a pathetic thing. They do not know how interesting it is if you move one step further and try to challenge yourself [with more advanced games].”
That was the creator of games such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong, Shigeru Miyamoto talking about the impact ‘casual’ gamers have had on Nintendo and the industry as a whole. In an interview with Edge magazine (that goes on sale tomorrow) Miyamoto speaks frankly about Nintendo’s role in the spread of gaming to new markets and audiences but also how these customers have affected the way the company grew and developed. Ahead of the release CVG published excerpts from the interview:
“In the days of DS and Wii, Nintendo tried its best to expand the gaming population…Fortunately, because of the spread of smart devices, people take games for granted now. It’s a good thing for us, because we do not have to worry about making games something that are relevant to general people’s daily lives.”
From the interview it’s clear that Miyamoto and Nintendo are beginning to look at what they push in the future with a feeling on at least Miyamoto’s part to turn their focus back on more ‘hardcore’ gamers and titles for them.
Is Miyamoto snubbing his new found customers or would you prefer Nintendo and co. to start focusing on developing more ‘hardcore’ content?