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Legendary Reveal King Kong Film ‘Skull Island’


As if announcing Godzilla 2 will contain some old friends wasn’t enough, Legendary also dropped the bombshell that King Kong would be making his return to the big screen, but not quite how we know him. Courtesy of Variety, Legendary have stated the film will be called Skull Island and will be another new strand in the Kong mythos, and will ‘explore the mysterious and dangerous place and take audiences deeper inside the rich world with a style and scope that parallels other Legendary productions.’


Slated for for a November 2016 release, Skull Island will be a widening of the lore of King Kong, focusing on the island and the secrets therein. It will be momentous to have the giant ape on the big screen once again, and now that Legendary hold both Godzilla and King Kong.. Wellllll, we’ll see what happens, eh?