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Gwendoline Christie Star Wars Role Rumours


Oh now I’m not one to gossip… but… even this rumour was too good not to pass on! Now Game of Thrones actress Gwendoline Christie has been confirmed to appear in Star Wars Episode VII but since that announcement there has been no indication as to who she would be playing!
Now this is a rumour, it’s just that but it’s one of those ones that you really hope is real! Christie is rumoured to be playing the role of an Imperial Officer hunting down an insubordinate soldier and it get’s better… the actress is apparently training with a light sabre!
This rumoured character was originally offered to Benedict Cumberbatch on an earlier script and while that script has since been revised, Devin Faraci believes that the character could be gender swapped for Christi!
If there’s even a nugget of truth to these rumours then Christie looks set to be taking on a formidable character!
Failing that I’d settle for a reimagined Darth Vader… although I had hoped she’d be cast as Asajj Ventress…