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'Doctor Who' Season 8 Trailer



After a few teasing photos and video clips we have now been given the first trailer for the 8th Season of ‘Doctor Who’, featuring Peter Capaldi as the 12th regeneration of The Doctor. The first two episodes are directed by Ben Wheatley (Kill List, Sightseers) and what you get from this trailer is a sense of unease as the Doctor questions his own nature. Capaldi certainly seems to be a much different Doctor from those that came before him; looking ever more intense and strained.

“Am I a good man?” he asks Clara. “I don’t know,” she replies.

We get a good understanding of what this season’s theme will be about, the Doctor’s struggle with past decisions and the consequences of those decisions that eat away at his conscience, hearts and soul.

Oh, there’s also Daleks, and an extremely large T-Rex roaming around London. If that doesn’t get you excited then I don’t know what will. Check out the trailer below!

Doctor Who’s lastest season premieres August 23rd.