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"The Quest!" – Reality TV turned Fantasy

"The Quest!" – Reality TV turned Fantasy


Get ready adventurers — because its time to unsheathe your long sword, ready your bow and fiddle with your exceptionally long wizard beard with ABCs The Quest!


This summer line-up offering from ABC brings you into the fictional world of Everrealm. A mythical land brought to you by The Producer of The Amazing Race and the executive producer of The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. This unique spin on the reality tv show genre brings to life a shared dream of every tolkien fan on the planet, The chance to journey on a quest to become the one true savior of the people. Throughout the show, Contestants will compete against each other in heroic challenges each week to determine who is best fit to protect Everrealm .

Those who falter and  lose their way are banished from the realm and sent back to the normality of our own reality. The shows trailer shows initial promise with a surprising budget behind its clever concept. The idea itself is solid, but often times even the most creative of ideas work much better on paper, than in execution. The Quest is on from July 31st in the united states and it is yet to be confirmed if it will be getting a European release. I hold out high hopes for this charming premise and pray to the gods of the realm that it is truly as pleasing as it trailer suggests.