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Kardashian Sisters Produce YA Science Fiction Novel

Kardashian Sisters Produce YA Science Fiction Novel



Kylie and Kendall Jenner of Keeping up The Kardashians fame have recently decided to venture outside their careers as budding models into the world of science fiction publications. They have recently published a young adult dystopian novel in the vein of Hunger Games. It tells the story of two girls from two cities.

The book titled Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia has a plot that illustrates a rags and riches style of affair. Livia lives in a city in the sky described as a paradise and Lex lives deep beneath the earth in a poverty stricken underground base . The idea behind the “two cities” plot has seen critique online from frequent readers of works of sci-fi. The concept has been said to come off as a poor amalgamation of other books of the science fiction variety rolled into the one concept. From this type of setup we aren’t really offered anything fresh to the often milked dystopian genre of novels. This wouldn’t necessarily be bad point, If it was considered a well written novel with fleshed characters. Unfortunately, This debut effort into the young adult novel scene has been rampantly panned by critics. It has been rumoured additionally that a ghost writer was used and the Kardashians have merely given their ideas to be shaped into a story – this is in spite of them claiming otherwise.

The ultimate goal for Indra remains to be seen, whether it was supposed to span off a trilogy or transition into a movie tie-in is anybody guess. The only information we know for the future is that the ending of the book apparently baits for a sequel. It is difficult to see if this sequel will come to fruition due to the widespread hatred that has been displayed towards the first book. Certain troll reviews of it online could be written off as people jumping on a bandwagon who haven’t actually read the book yet — but there is no denying the major book critics that have picked up and slated the allegedly awful, mess of a story. This brings into question if Kendall and Kylie will continue to dip their toes in the world of publishing or if they cut their losses and write this novel up as simply a ploy for publicity.

[Words, Danny Kelly]