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Creepypasta Taken Too Far

Creepypasta Taken Too Far



A truly horrific incident has taken place in the States. Two girls, only twelve years old, are facing trial for attempted murder. Why? To impress the Slenderman.

Everyone knows of the infamous Slenderman in this day and age. The myth began on Something Awful a few years ago about a seemingly malevolent faceless figure with more origin stories and theories of his existence than you can imagine. One of these theories states that in order to move up in his ‘hierarchy’, you must kill somebody. 

This is what these two young girls intended to do. After inviting a friend over for a sleepover, they lured her into a secluded woodland area before stabbing her nineteen times. You’ll be extremely relieved to hear the girl survived the incident and was able to give a full police report. Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier were both charged as adults with attempted murder, and bail was set at $500,000. If convicted, the girls will face 65 years in prison.

Reports say the victim was near death as many of the stab wounds were extremely close to vital organs, including her heart. She managed to crawl to a nearby roadway were a cyclist found her and helped her to safety. She’s currently in hospital and in stable condition. 

It’s extremely sad and disheartening to see how these fictional stories an be interpreted by girls so young. Creepypasta is something that’s never going to die out. It’s the internet’s horror movies, essentially, except with a lot looser interpretation for lore and plot. I’d advise parents with young children who spend a lot of time online, or even older siblings with younger brothers or sisters to block any sites hosting creepypasta on family computers or laptops.