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What The Arcade Means To Me

What The Arcade Means To Me


First of all I would love to wish The Arcade a Happy 4th Birthday. In terms of websites it is still young but in quality it is quite mature.

When I was first asked to write to the site I was nervous I had never written anything that could be accessed by so many readers but I gave it a go because what did I have to lose? I had already met some of the writers while staffing at ArcadeCon and knew it was something I would love being a part of. 

I’ve always spent a majority of my time reading, writing and in general revealing in my multitude of fandoms but there was always the serious side to the coin, the side that wanted to discuss issues on a more personal level but at that stage I thought they won’t listen to me when I speak about my emotions and experiences. For one thing being a girl was already reason enough to warrant trolling but I took a chance and I haven’t looked back since.

Tendai’s first article October 20th 2012

The Arcade has given me the freedom to talk about issues within Geek Culture, show my appreciation for cosplays and those who do it. It ultimately lets me be me and for that I will be grateful for years to come. I’ve bonded with other writers, made friends and have been acknowledged for my work from readers. I can tell you getting a few words of praise for something you do because you love it is the most uplifting experience. 

Im going to keep it short and sweet. The Arcade means alot to me, no matter how stressed or busy I am I will always find the time to write for it, it’s like a break every time I sit down and select “+New”.