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The Women of Star Wars

The Women of Star Wars


It’s pretty fair to say that the Star Wars movies are a man’s world – from Emperors to Wookies, Bounty Hunters to Jedi Masters, men really seem to be in control with women pushed out as damsels in distress or slave girls. I’m not saying Leia didn’t get to go nuts with a blaster and she sure as hell turned the tables on Jabba the Hut but for the most part her role is often overlooked with focus pushed on Hans and Luke. The original trilogy had one female lead and the modern trilogy suffered from the same lack of diversity and it’s an absolute shame  because the Star Wars Universe as a whole is packed full of some fantastic female characters from Jedi Knights to assassins, diplomats to pilots.

These are the women of Star Wars!

Aayla SecuraAayla Secura

Race: Twi’lek
Role: Jedi Knight / Clone Wars General

Trained under Masters Quinlan Vos and Tholme, Aayla was a formidable learner. In the early days of her training Aayla encountered the Dark side of the Force and survived it and she was knighted soon after. Her knighthood by the Order came just at the beginning of the Clone Wars and Aayla would go on to prove herself worthy of her rank and promotion to General leading both offensive strikes and defensive teams. Aayla did not serve Order 66 and she was betrayed by her squad, her death was felt by several masters and even the clone troops  remarked on her passing; “When her death came, I hoped it was quick. She earned that much“.

Aayla’s name never died and her actions were remembered by all those she helped and the lives she touched, her name would continue and grow as a legend, revered by many.

Asajj VentressAsajj Ventress

Race: Dathomirian
Role: Sith Assassion

A terrifying force Asajj Ventress desired nothing more than to take her place amongst the Sith and destroy the Jedi. A formidable combatant, she wields both the Force and dual light sabres with ferocity and expert skill. Ventress first turned to the Dark side after her Master was slain, her anger and need for revenge pushed her to train and hone her skills before killing the twelve warlords of Rattatak and installing herself as ruler. Her actions caught the attention of Count Dooku and she would go on to become one of the most feared names in the Clone Wars slaying several Jedi and almost killing both Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.


Race: Near-human
Role: Jedi Master

You are no Jedi, girl…you are simply hatred and bile given form. – Fay speaking to Asajj

Master Fay

With a peculiarly strong affinity to the Force Master Fay was not like any of the other masters. Upon completion of her training she never again picked up a light sabre and instead of taking on a Padawan to train she instead left Coruscant and roamed the galaxy. Her connection to the Force kept her from ageing normally and she travelled wherever it led her believing the Force was guiding her where she was needed most. Fay is considered responsible for saving the lives of tens of thousands of people across the Galaxy, using her ability with the Force to show people a way to peace without violence or bloodshed.


Juno Eclipse

Juno Eclipse

Race: Human
Role: Black Squadron TIE Fighters Leader

Graduating as a pilot at the young age of fourteen Juno Eclipse had an affinity for the handling and repairing of combat starships. She quickly rose through the ranks before being picked to lead an elite unit of TIE Fighters known as the Black Squadron.

Later Juno would be selected by Darth Vader to serve as pilot for his secret apprentice Galen Marek.


Ailyn VelSintas and Ailyn Vel

Race: Kiffar
Role: Bounty Hunters

Mother and daughter, Sintas and Ailyn are closely connected to bounty hunter Boba Fett. Sintas met and married Fett but the marriage didn’t last, Fett was exiled from their home on Concord Dawn after killing a superior officer for attacking his wife. The couple went their seperate ways and Fett’s relationship with his young daughter Ailyn was severed entirely, something she never forgave him for.

Ailyn would go on to have a career as a bounty hunter like her parents adopting her father’s name and armor to take high paying jobs and her skills didn’t let her down but her life was consumed in trying to hunt down the man who abandoned her and her mother.


Race: Human / Cyborg
Role/Title: Dark Lady of the Sith


To be eyed by one of the most terrifying forces in the Empire and chosen as his apprentice and right hand means that there must be something truely dark within you! Lumiya, formerly known as Shira Elan Colla Brie served and trained under Darth Vader after she survived the destruction of her fighter, the Sith Lord had her body implanted with cybernetic implants much like his own and her tutelage began. Lumiya fights with a light whip, a weapon of her own construction and after the death of her Master sets out for revenge, culd and ruthless Lumiya turns on her own apprentice, ordering his execution after he turns from the Dark side back to the Light.
Unyielding in her determination, Lumiya continues on a path of chaos and darkness, turning Leia and Hans son, Jacen, to the Dark side and sowing seeds of discontent in the Galactic Empire.