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Quantum Break won't appear at E3

Quantum Break won't appear at E3



Thinking back to last years E3, there was one title that had everyone confused, Quantum Break. The game was presented as a combination of two things, a video game and a television show. No real game play was actually shown and nobody had any idea of how the two mediums were connected. Well Remedy Entertainment has released a video explaining the details, but also dropping the news that the game will not be shown off at E3 this year,but instead shifting focus to Gamescom in August.

In this new trailer Remedy’s Sam Lake explains how the game and television show are connected. In the game, you will play as Jack Joyce who is tasked with saving the world from the Evil Monarch Corporation, who are planning on ending time as we know it. The television show on the other hand will focus on the inner workings of the Monarch Corporation and deal with the villains side of things. The trailer also shows off a small amount of game play, including 3rd person shooting and walking through frozen in time set pieces, much like everything we have already seen. For the amount of hype Remedy are putting behind this project, we still don’t quite know what it is or how it plays and we won’t until August it seems.

Quantum Break releases for Xbox One in 2015