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Killarney petitioned to honour Miles O’Brien

Killarney petitioned to honour Miles O’Brien


Colm Meaney first made his appearance in Star Trek: The Next Generation on the bridge of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) on September 28th 1987, in the Trek universe it was the year 2364. Meaney had been cast in the role of Miles O’Brien and while we see him first on the bridge operating as battle bridge flight controller he would become a regular feature, chief petty office and transporter operator. What started as infrequent appearances on screen eventually led  to a main role in Deep Space Nine and O’Brien took the position as Chief of Operations.

The Irish man became a fan favourite with critics and viewers finding to him a very relatable character, down to earth and pragmatic but what has all of this got to do with Killarney town?Well Killarney happens to be where Miles Edward O’Brien was born and now Irish fans, Killarney – Future Birthplace of Miles O’Brien, have started a petition in honour of the character, recognising his future birth in the county Kerry town.

We wish to honour Killarney and Ireland’s place in the Star Trek universe as the future birthplace of Miles Edward O’Brien (portrayed by acclaimed Irish actor Colm Meaney). A small, publicly accessible plaque celebrating this fact will be placed in the town.

The petition is asking for a 1,000 signatures and you can click the link below and sign your name and lend your support today!

Sign the petition here!