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Birthday Wishes – Liam

Birthday Wishes – Liam


The Arcade is four years old this year. Hard to believe they grow up so fast, isn’t it? I came aboard this particular ship fairly late in the game (and probably won’t win any prizes for attendance) but ever since Declan and the other Arcadians allowed me into the fold, I’ve felt accepted as a writer, and as a fellow geek like no other place I’ve been.


That kind of acceptance is unbelievably important to me, something I often wished for growing up on the fringes in rural Ireland at a time when you had the two Irish channels, the three English channels, and whatever a cousin might bring on holiday to satisfy that lust for inspiration that unites all geeks to some extent. There wasn’t a place like The Arcade to find out what was good and what was bad, or to talk about the ins and outs and the details and the awesomeness. And even now, I find it hard to find a place that does it in quite such a friendly, welcoming, accepting way.

So I just want to wish the Arcade a happy birthday, and thank them for fulfilling my wish for being the place I always wished for since the first time I listened to my cousin’s grunge mixtape.