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Bethesda Reveal 'BattleCry'

Bethesda Reveal 'BattleCry'



Ever since Skyrim was released, I think I can safely say we were all in mourning. Bethesda gave us what’s hailed as one of the greatest RPG experiences in video game history, and we all wanted more. The good news is that Bethesda are indeed releasing a new game. 

What’s interesting is that unlike Fallout and Elder Scrolls, we’re not looking at an open-world RPG here. What we’re looking at what seems to be classic Bethesda game design with a little bit of Telltale Games aesthetic by way of Team Fortress 2 gameplay. BattleCry will be a free-to-play team combat game set in WWI but with a  no guns allowed policy. 

So far we know there’s five playable classes, but Bethesda say to expect more.

What we have:

– Enforcer

– Duelist

– Tech Archer

– Gadgeteer

– Brawler

We also know that factions are going to be a big part of the game. Depending on what faction you choose to fight for, your equipment and aesthetic will change. This gives players endless opportunities to combine different classes with different factions and create some really fun and interesting combinations. 

Bethesda have said that you’ll earn Iron from playing and winning, which is the games currency. This can be used to buy weapon upgrades and even different costumes. I assume this is how they plan to make their actual money. Generally if a game if free-to-play, I don’t mind tossing a couple of Euro towards it to get a few nice things I might not want to grind for.

All in all, this looks like a stunning game that I’m extremely hyped for. We don’t have a solid release date yet but we can expect the beta in 2015.