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The Arcade's Favorite Easter Eggs

The Arcade's Favorite Easter Eggs


Easter eggs are awesome. For one month a year the shops sells us big pieces of chocolate to consume while we go about our daily business. For the rest of the year, there’s just the delightful references our favorite creators and story-tellers leave for us fans to get all giddy over.


Here’s a list of some of our favorites:


20140418-112030.jpgCaptain America’s shield in Iron Man 1

I’m sure everyone’s heard about this one right? That’s why it’s got to be included. Before a shared Avengers universe was anything more than a dream for most of us Cap’s shield showed up just sitting on a desk in Tony Stark’s workshop for a few frames and drove the internet wild. Seriously go checkout how many terrible YouTube video edits there are to highlight it. Now from the safety of the future, though, we can figure out why it’s there at all. An early prototype design from Howard Stark before he would go on to develop caps iconic shield in Captain America: The First Avenger. The shield makes another blatant cameo in Iron Man 2 when we see Agent Coulson’s inner fanboy emerge for the first time too.


“Journey into Mystery” billboard in Thor20140418-112558.jpg

A blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Easter egg is the billboard in Thor advertising New Mexico as “a land of enchantment – Journey into Mystery.” Any comic book collectors worth their salt can tell you that your favorite Asgardian made his first appearance 1962’s “Journey into Mystery #83.” It’s nice to see the cinematic universe pay homage to the classic like this.


The ‘original’ Human Torch in Captain America: The First Avenger

One of my favorite Easter eggs from the Marvel cinematic universe was a sweeping shot of the 1940’s Stark Expo where we catch a glimpse of what is undeniably the original Human Torch. Created by Phineas Horton the original Human Torch (Jim Hammond) was an android first appearing in Marvel Comics #1 published by Timely Comics (which later became Marvel comics.) This Torch would go on to join Cap on the invaders and later serve as the inspiration for the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch.


Howard Stark was a comic book collector20140418-112058.jpg

When Tony Stark opens his dad’s old case in Iron Man 2 to rummage through his old belongings you can spot a Captain America #1 comic book along with a few other goodies. Again it’s harking back to Howard Stark’s work with Steve Rogers in he 1940’s but when Iron Man 2 first came out all we had was guesswork to go on until Cap’s movie was released much later. The same issue can be spotted in Cap’s movie too with a few edits to the cover WE know and love.


20140418-112148.jpgThe Infinity Gauntlet in Thor

Yes it is there. Go back, watch it again and you’ll see. The Infinity Gauntlet has another blink-and-you’ll-miss it cameo in the background of the first Thor movie. A bunch of dumb frost giants ran right past it in Odin’s weapons vault. Idiots. Lately Marvel have been sowing the seeds for a cinematic rendition of the classic Infinity Gauntlet tale having introduced Thanos and multiple Infinity Gems.


The “Dicks” From Se7en in Fight Club

If you watch the end credits, you’ll see that the three detectives that interrogate Edward Norton’s Narrator are called “Detective Andrew” “Detective Kevin” and “Detective Walker.” This is a reference to screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7en) who was drafted in to polish the script, but was refused a credit due to behind-the-scenes problems. Legend has it that the film would have been an un-film-able dud without Walker’s input to the screenplay.


Nick Fury in The Ultimates

In Mark Millar’s alternate take on Marvel’s Avengers, his version of the white, eye-patched sultan of spying Nick Fury bears a striking resemblance to a certain actor who has issue with reptiles on airborne transport vehicles. Ultimate Fury even goes so far as to say that Samuel L. Jackson should play him in a movie version of his life. Which, in a moment beyond meta, Jackson ultimately did in Avengers Assemble.



Gossip Gertie in Batman & Robin and Batman Forever

You remember her, the loudmouth tabloid journo stuck in the middle of all the gossip surrounding Bruce Wayne in the latter of the original cycle of Batman movies, trying to get close to the man behind the bat. Well, in reality she got closer than most, since she was played by Elisabeth Sanders, former wife of Batman co-creator Bob Kane.


 Bayonetta bar-man – “What’re you buying?”

A hilarious reference to a hilarious original appearance, go into the bar/weapons shop in nutso Japanese action platformer Bayonetta and talk to the trader Rodin. Every so often, he’ll say “What’re You Buyin’? I heard that in a game once.” a reference to the inexplicably Aussie weapons dealer in Resident Evil 4. This isn’t even close to being the weirdest thing in Bayonetta, by the way.




Nick Fury’s tombstone in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Nick Fury, the Easter Egg-laying chicken of the Marvel Movieverse, gets another entry thanks to the Russo brothers’ nifty little Easter Egg. Right at the end, when everyone is gathered around Fury’s “grave,” take a look at his headstone. The inscription is from Ezekiel 25:17 “The Path Of The Righteous Man…” which makes up Sam Jackson’s famous speech from Pulp Fiction. Say Life Model Decoy again….


What Easter eggs are your favorites? Did we miss any other really obvious/awesome ones? Let us know! Happy Easter Arcadians!