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Goosebumps Movie begins Filming

Goosebumps Movie begins Filming


Firstly… no one told me they were making one of these! Goosebumps were my habit as a kid, not a collection of books I loved, I needed Goosebumps like I needed oxygen or food! I credit the books for my obsession with reading and the macabre (okay the books were hardly snuff material but they were my first real taste of horror) and now it seems Hollywood have not only plans for a movie but are pushing on those plans and filming is taking place!


Jack Black is on board taking on the role of author, R.L. Stine and he’s joined by Gullivers Travels director, Rob Letterman. The film is about Stine and his books as we learn that the terrors and monsters he writes about are really and are only kept at bay by writing about them. Enter, his young daughter Hanna (Odeya Rush, Let Me In) and her love interest newcomer Zach (Dylan Minnette, Super 8) who accidentally release the trapped nightmares from their literary prison and must with the aid Stine return them before they cause any real damage.

Filming on the project is underway and Goosebumps is slated for a March 2016 release!