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Preview: The UnEarth Initiative

Preview: The UnEarth Initiative


Social_SandWorm_wCheet There’s an awful lot of people in 31st century Earth, so how is Earth combating over-population? EASY! Sending its least desirable citizens on a poorly budgeted colonization program in outer space! After crash landing at their destination, your colonists set out to explore and survive on an alien world. But it won’t be easy managing a motley crew of ex-convicts, political subversives and unstable citizens. If you can band them together into a team and overcome their… eccentricities, you can build a successful colony. if not, well, there are plenty more eligible “volunteers” back on Earth!

This 3D Sim mixes humor and charm with the deep gameplay of building and exploration on a previously undiscovered planet.Screenshot-Battle

The UnEarth Initiative will feature planets with randomized terrain, creatures, and plant-life. Players will balance their time between building a secure underground home for their colonists, and sending out exploration teams to search for new plants and creatures. Complicating matters are your relationship with other alien races, the personality quirks of your own colonists, and random events, such as invading alien garden pests or space plague. Your only allies in survival are Man’s Best Friend, the faithful Rovots. Colonists may program Rovots to serve their every need – and even a few things they don’t need!

 The UnEarth Initiative has plenty to see and do! Even in it’s early stages! 

Lead the untrained outcasts of Earth society on a mission to colonize alien worlds!

  • Build elaborate underground bases!
  • Program Rovots to do your bidding, then share your programs with other players!
  • Meet bizarre alien races and establish long-term trading relationships – or unending blood feuds.
  • Discover the long dead colonies of other players.

There is no doubt of the large ambition of Inkling Game’s latest project – the question is: can they deliver?

Inkling Games is an independent studio founded by Peter Hastings and Lesley Mathieson, former
members of Insomniac Games. Together with Lesley designing and Peter coding they have worked on a dozen
games that have collectively sold over 10 million copies. Including the beloved Ratchet And Clank franchise. Not many Indie Developers can say that about themselves.

But that was Insomniac Games, a AAA Game Developer, what of Inkling Games? A company of only four staff. Since beginning the UnEarth Initiative they have two iOS games behind them.
Cubit – A puzzle game, rotating between a 3D and 2D dynamic as you arrange cubes. And Lonely Ship which pits the player in the cockpit of a  solitary vessel embarking on an endless voyage to recover the remnants of humanity. 

The UnEarth Initiative is best put by Kotaku:
The UnEarth Initiative puts you in command of a small group of humans trying to survive on an alien planet. What’s interesting about the game is that the humans suck”

So far, The UnEarth Initiative is in it’s Kickstarter phase having already raised nearly $18, 000! 

Visit their Kicksterter page, and learn why I can’t shut the hell out about The UnEarth Initiative!