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40 Things You Shouldn't Try Giving Up For Lent

40 Things You Shouldn't Try Giving Up For Lent


Like it or not, we are Irish (unless you’re not, I guess) and part of being Irish is knowing that the annual fast of Lent is serious business. That said, it’s important to be realistic about your goals and there’s no point writing cheques that you’re blasphemous ass can’t cash. As ever, we here at The Arcade are here to help with our guide to the 40 things you probably shouldn’t even think about giving up. Take note. 

40. Adventure Time reruns

Who needs real friends when these guys can be your besties!

 39. Board Games

Nothing says quality time like trashing your mates at fun, family games!

 38. League of Legends

‘I can’t quit you…’ springs to mind! I just can’t give up on LoL

 37. Cats

When cats finally take over the world, and they will at least this will serve as proof of my allegiance!

36. Planning cosplays

‘Cos I need to look for more clothes of any kind

35. Disney movies

What can I say sometimes I want to feel like I can be a princess!

34. Netflix binging

Lazily letting it continue to the next video

33. Pizza

All carbs should come in pizza form!

32. Video Games

Because outside is overrated. 

31. Coca-Cola

Honey, nobody got time to sleep. 

30. YouTube

Because it’s better than television

29. Comic Books

Because Batman. 

28. Witty One Liners

You’re reading one right now. 

27. The-Arcade.ie

Where else would you find such quality content?

26. The Internet

Because how else would you get to The-Arcade.ie?

25. Spider Man

Soc tried to quit one year but ended up with a letter printed in the comic. True story. 

24. Memes

The poetry of our time. They say it better than we ever could. 

23. Spotify

Music is awesome. 

24. iTunes

Music is still awesome even when you can’t get online. 

23. Google

Is there anything it can’t do?

22. iPad

Because we’d be late for everything without it. 

21. Skype

Ross gets to inflict his accent on as many people as he wants. 

20. Bacon

Because what isn’t made better with the addition of a meaty slice of heaven?

19. Irn Bru

Pure gold; nuclear-orange nectar of the gods. 

18. Slick Headphones

When the world around you just needs to step off. 

17. Pokémon

Gotta catch ’em all. Or die trying. 

16. Drawing

No, not just penises. 

15. Tumblr

Because gifs are the lifeblood of the fangirl

14. Minecraft

No explanation needed. 

13. Hearthstone

Did we mention we’re loving this right now?

12. Social Media

When you want to be social, but don’t want to go outside. 

11. Replaying Final Fantasy

Because they still haven’t made one better than IX. 

10. Tea

Because we’re Irish. 

9. The U.S Office

If you don’t know, you haven’t watched it right. 

8. Anime

Because you should be watching Nisekoi right now. 

7. Ben & Jerry’s

There are few things in the world as majestic as the fruits of Ben and Jerry’s labours. 

6. Showering

If you don’t get this one, go have a shower right now. You probably smell. 

5. Water


4. Podcasts

Because how else would we know what to think?

3. Chiptunes

Bleep bleep bloop bleep

2. Jelly Snakes

Don’t even try to deny it. 

1. Your phone

Our windows on the world.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments!