Home Buzz 'FMZ – Trials Fusion' Trailer Released
'FMZ – Trials Fusion' Trailer Released

'FMZ – Trials Fusion' Trailer Released


Make sure your helmet is strapped on nice and tight, a new trailer for Trials Fusion was released yesterday and it looks, well, a bit more extreme than previous titles. Introducing a new physics-driven Trick System, Trials Fusion looks to only capitalize on the hours and hours (and hours) spent getting gold in the previous titles and tormenting friends while you hog the controller for ‘one more go, PLEASE!’.

“Easy to do but hard to Master FMX!
String epic tricks thanks to the all new Trials Fusion physics-driven Trick System and take the first place of the global high-score dashboards!

Trials Fusion introduces for the first time tricks and a brand new futuristic environment!”


Trials Fusion will be available 16th April 2014 on Playstation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and PC Digital. You can pre-order the game now at http://trialsgame.com/trialsfusion