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YouTuber of the Week: Tom Fletcher

YouTuber of the Week: Tom Fletcher


For those of you who might not know who Tom is.. where have you been? Tom is one of the baby face band members of McFly and more recently the bigger group McBusted.


Up until just about a year ago he wasn’t really known for much else. But that all changed when he posted the most romantic video on the planet. Upon claiming that he wasn’t one for speeches on his wedding day, he decided he would be a little bit different. The results of which could only be described as a tribute to each person who he loves through the stick-in-your-head pop tunes of McFly

I really can’t explain the feels that I get when I watch this video so I will let you see for yourself.

Since the huge success that this has created, Tom has now become a fully fledged YouTuber, vlogging on a very frequent basis about the goings on in his life, such as touring, hanging out with the McBusted crew,  and drawing and creating things ( He is VERY TALENTED).

More recently he has started this uber cute feature called Dear Carrie. This is a weekly vlog to his sister about how his week has been and other various topics. Carrie also has a Dear Tom feature on her channel for the exact same reason.