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YouTuber of the Week: Ryan Higa

YouTuber of the Week: Ryan Higa


If you’re up for a bit of goofy then this is your man…


Ryan Higa, a 23 year old Hawaiin is a YouTube Comedian who has over 11 million subscribers. Since starting moving to LA to study film  making he has become quite the celebrity in YouTube world. 

Most of the videos are solo efforts with a few being collaborations with other YouTube celebs such as Kevin Jumba and Chester See.

His humor is very random, very goofy and innocent in that he rarely if ever swears and mucks about like an idiot. 

Like many good comedians Higa is his best during his more self deprecating videos. It comes from an honest place that we can empathize and connect with.  Nice Guys, a collaboration with other Youtubers, How to Get Girls and Forever Alone are really funny and great examples of his style of comedy

There has always been a tangible layer of genuine sincerity just under the silliness in Ryan’s work which is a big ingredient in his likeability and success. He has the same take on a lot of the things that annoy us and displays his rant in a funny sort of way 

With over 150 videos it is amazing to see the older videos and then jump to the most recent ones to see how much he has progressed in making incredibly entertaining and funny videos.