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Music Monday: 10/02/2014

Music Monday: 10/02/2014


It’s Monday and here at The Arcade that means music. 

Two Glass Eyes – Mend

Things have been pretty pop heavy on Music Monday for the last little while so it’s only fair that we start things off today with this absolute face melter from Northern Ireland’s Two Glass Eyes. If you’re after something raucous, melodic and totally class; check out their latest single Mend. It’s hard to believe that 3 people are making this fabulous noise but there you go. These lads almost make me forget how much I miss Fighting With Wire*.

 *Never Forget. 

Allie X – Catch

Canadian born Allie X seems to have appeared out of nowhere, so much so that in lieu of a video her current track Catch is presented to us with a pretty terrifying loop of the lady herself spinning in place holding a huge syringe in what looks like some kind of car park inside Tron. If that sounds pretty mental, that’s probably because it is. But Catch itself is a catchy, cool-as-several-thousand-cucumbers piece of pure pop perfection and should be enough to keep you from looking over your shoulder to see if Allie X is going to murder you Audition style. 

Dir en Grey – Sustain the Untruth

I don’t talk about it much, but I am partial to a bit of metal now and again. It has to tick a lot of boxes though. Thankfully one of those boxes is ‘be by Dir en Grey’ and wouldn’t you know it Sustain the Untruth ticks that box perfectly. Powerful, manic, grimy and chaotic; Sustain the Untruth is everything you’d expect from the lads, the time changes are the icing on the scary goth cake. 

Rainbow BLAXX – Cha Cha

Ok between Allie X and Dir en Grey you’re probably all ready to soil yourselves so allow me to ease your mind with some pretty funky K-Pop. Korea had a bit of a Frankenstein’s-Monster moment in January. Upon realizing that they’d been the world leader in the manufacture and export of sexy (and awesome) girl bands for quite some time, the decency-brigade decided that we were all having too much fun and several girl bands were asked to change their dance routines because they were just too damn sexy. As ridiculous as this might sound, the video for Rainbow BLAXX’s Cha Cha sits on a very precarious line between sexy-fun-time playfulness and this-is-weird-am-I-a-pervert-now leeriness. So aside from the fact that the director clearly had a macaroon fetish, I can kind of see what was going on. Thankfully the track itself is clever, catchy and seriously funky with some really great vocal performances from the girls themselves.