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Pokémon Bank: Free Celebi

Pokémon Bank: Free Celebi


It was announced this morning that people who sign up to the new ‘Pokémon Bank’ application for Pokémon X and Y are in for some real treats! Not only to get to bring all your Pokémon forward all the way from Sinnoh and Unova, but trainers will receive special gifts and rewards for signing up!

 Pokémiles and Battle Points:

It’s been confirmed that if you bring a large number of Pokémon forward, you’ll be rewarded in the form of either Pokémiles and Battle Points, which can be exchanged for rare in-game items. It’s a great incentive to use the application, which will only cost players $4.99 for a whole year and is also available for a free month’s trial to give you a change to bring everything you need into X and Y.


Trainers will be able to store up 3000 Pokémon in these secure online boxes for as long as they like. Pokémon can be brought forwards from  Generation 4 and Generation 5, but thanks to applications that allow us to bring Pokémon from Hoenn (Generation 3) into Generation 4 via ‘Pal Park’, Pokémon from as far back as Ruby and Sapphire can be brought forward.

Event Pokémon:

It’s also been confirmed that Pokémon like Kyurem and Genesect will trigger special events in the Kalos region when they’re brought forward, but the really exciting thing is that trainers to register with Pokébank (even for a free trial period) will receive a special event Celebi as a reward!

Pokémon Bank launches on December 27th of this year.