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Music Monday: 2/12/2013

Music Monday: 2/12/2013


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It’s Monday! Time for some tunes!

 The Killers – Just Another Girl 

I think we can all agree that The Killers are the very definition of ‘hit & miss’. When they’re on fire we get Bones and Mr.Brightside. When they’re burning alive we get Spaceman. Thankfully lately they seem just on the right side of self immolation and Just Another Girl is a great example of just how clever the Vegas four piece can be when they put their minds to it. Like most of their best stuff this track sounds like it’s been lifted from a rock opera; a short story of heartbreak told through a slickly produced, 80s rock influenced, Don Henley-esque mid tempo ballad. Oh and Brandon Flowers is still one of the most underrated vocalists in the world. Just remember that. 

Bastille – Of The Night (Fix8 Remix)

You know what the best thing about acts like Bastille is? They’re like some sort of homing beacon for incredible remixes. Seriously, sit on the fence between indie and commercial for long enough and you’ll create your very own remix orbit. Producers will just flock to you like moths to a sexy flame. This latest remix of Of The Night is kind of going under a lot of radars because of another, highly inferior, remix currently featured on an ad. This one’s better. A four on the floor animal that’ll get your hands in the air before you even realize they’ve left your mouse/tablet/smartphone. I would advise not listening to it in an enclosed public space, that drop might cause you to injure someone through involuntary fist pumping.

2ne1 – Missing You

This time of year the asian music market goes into what can only be described as some kind of Christmas time warp. Almost every girl band and boy band across Japan and Korea try their hands at out-cheesing each other with awful novelty christmas songs and all we can do is squirm and cringe as we watch the equally awful videos. And we do watch them. Because dammit those santa outfits are too cute. Thankfully 2ne1, undoubtedly the coolest girl group on the planet, have found a much classier way to take part in the festivities. Their trademark rave-pop stylings are taking some time off for the holidays as their latest single, Missing You, is a mournful, piano driven pop ballad. Some might be disappointed that the girls haven’t thrown up another white-hot slice of shake-your-bacon k-pop but Missing You gives the girls a chance to really show off their vocal abilities, which just so happen to be some of the absolute finest in the industry right now. Don’t worry, they’ll be nega-che-chalaga-ing you up again soon, for now just let them serenade you, there’s no way you won’t enjoy it.