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PS4 launches tomorrow!

PS4 launches tomorrow!


Sony will launch the PlayStation 4 tomorrow and they really are going all out for the occasion! Gamers in Dublin city are treated to a special display across the river Liffey:

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Sony Computer Entertainment Ireland will tomorrow today launch PlayStation®4 (PS4), a system built for gamers and inspired by developers.  Now available from €399, the PS4 has arrived with a lineup of over 20 first and third-party games, including exclusive titles like Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall.  In total, the PS4 system will have a library of over 30 games by the end of the year.

The PS4 system enables game developers to realize their creative vision on a platform specifically tuned to their needs, making it easier to build huge, interactive worlds in smooth 1080p HD resolution.*2 Its supercharged PC architecture is designed to ease game creation, so the end result for players is an abundant software library, as more than 180 games are currently in development. 

The PS4 system takes social connectivity into the next generation by enabling gamers to immediately share their best gameplay moments with friends.  With a press of the “SHARE” button on the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller, images and videos can be shared with other players in the activity feed on their PS4 system’s Dynamic Menu, or on social networking services such as Facebook®.  Gameplay images can also be shared with friends through Twitter.  In addition, players can broadcast their gameplay in real-time using live internet streaming services such as Ustream and Twitch. During live broadcasts, friends can even make comments on the streamed gameplay.