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Pokémon Bank App Price

Pokémon Bank App Price



Have your Pokémon adventures gotten out of hand? Thrown one too many Pokéballs and caught just one too many Bidoofs? Well the new Pokémon App, the Pokémon Bank will allow you to store up to 3,000 pokémon should you decide to breed an army of Mime Jnrs. The Bank was announced some time back but pricing for the service was kept until now, the app is scheduled for release on the 3DS store December 27th and X/Y trainers who download it can use it for 30 free days up until the end of January and then to maintain use of the service a yearly subscription fee has to be paid. Pricing below:

  • Europe – €4.99
  • UK –  £4.49
  • Australia – $6.50
  • New Zealand – $8.50

What do you think? Will you make use of the App?

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