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4-One Gaming: Midnight Launch Safety

4-One Gaming: Midnight Launch Safety


Make your local Constabulary aware of the next-gen console midnight launch!

We’ve all heard the horror stories from the midnight launch of GTAVand given we’re nearing the holiday period with every passing day, we thought we better get in touch with the police in relation to the midnight launches of the PS4 and XboxOne. Now this may come across as a little excessive, but think about it.
Its midnight, people going to the store have cash/vouchers exceeding £/€500 and people coming from the store have £/€500+ worth of tech, that makes a perfect Christmas gift, plus preorders are pretty much sold out now and the second batch may well not be available until after the holiday period, so we wanted to know what the police had to say on the matter.

Firstly, they have personally asked us to pass on the following message, avoid attending a midnight launch! The risk is definitely real and the opportunity for muggers is there, a further 9 hours isn’t much time to wait and it is without a doubt, a ‘street wise’ decision to stay at home and pick up your new console the next day, when the high streets are littered and the risk is almost non-existent!

However, we know that as gamers we’ve faced great perils than some thug with a scarf around its face, so to those of you braving the cold winter evening.
You may be glad to know that our local constabulary also showed interest in the safety of those attending a midnight launch and officers on duty will be made aware of the situation at the beginning of their shift and encouraged to create a visual presence between emergency calls. In addition, the operator also advised us to tell our community, that if you feel threatened in any way, do not hesitate to call the police and report any incidents.

The beauty of the police force in the modern day is that they’re very approachable and only have the best public interests at heart, so if like us you had concerns about the midnight launches, ring your local station on their non-emergency line and ask if anything has been implemented for the large gatherings of gamers likely to take place in your local high streets.

[Words, 4-One Gaming]