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Weekly News Recap 12/10/13

Weekly News Recap 12/10/13


Welcome to the first edition of the weekly news round-up; a segment where we round up all the important news of the week in the gaming world for your ease.So lets not waste any time and get this news ball rolling!

Professor Layton returns November 8th

Professor Layton fans were happy to hear that Layton will finally come back for his last adventure in November.Nintendo released a full press release on there site,and you can read the full story here!

The Last Guardian Being “Re-Engineered”

The long awaited game from Team Ico has been in development limbo for quite some time now but in a interview with Games Industry International, Shuhei Yoshida has talked about the games current development and even it being “re-engineered”. You can read the full story here!

 New Sleeping Dogs game in development

 United Front Games,the developers of last years under rated Gem,Sleeping Dogs,have annouched they are working hard creating a follow up,named Triad Wars.You can read the full story here!

 Square Enix launches “the collective”

Square Enix has annouched a new crowd funding campaign,in collaboration with Indiegogo.People can choose and back a game in the collective,and the more popular a game gets,the more chance Square Enix will help out.You can read the full story here!

 Simply Games PS4 pre-orders

The online video game distributor, Simply Games have created quite a big controversy this week, as they have been forcing customers who pre-ordered a PS4 to buy a larger, unofficial bundle costing between £415 and £470. Failing to agree will mean a loss of the pre-order! You can see what the company director had to say about this policy and read the full story here!

The Long Dark Video Gameplay – Update*

 Earlier in the week We wrote about the Kickstarter hopeful,The Long Dark and showed off a fancy gameplay video they released.You can check out the full story here!

 Update: A little update on the game,the popular voice actress,Jennifer Hale (Fem Shep from the Mass Effect series) has been signed on to voice act for the title. She will be playing a “pivotal role” in the game but her character is as of yet unknown.

 Dark Horse Comics working on Video Game inspired pieces

The popular comic company Dark Horse are publishing two sets of comics based on Ninja Gaiden Z and The Witcher franchise. Ninja Gaiden Z will be a 3 issue series, all of which will be free to download on the Dark Horse Digital Store – the comics will tell offer a backstory of the world and characters.
The writers are Tim Seeley and Josh Eamons with art done by Rafael Ortiz

The Witcher is also getting it’s chance, but not much is known as to when the series takes place. The writer is Paul Tobin and the artist will be Joe Querio and covers done by Dave Jonnson.

Ninja Gaiden Z comics will be available in 2014 and The Witcher comics will go on sale March,19,2014.

Rockstar compensates GTA online players

With the rough Launch of GTA Online still in peoples minds, Rockstar decided to make it up to the fans.

A patch is coming next week while see Rockstar handing over $500,000 of in game money to players in the month of October. Times and details have not been given out yet but we can expect it sometime next week.The money will be given out in two deposits of 250,000 each. Patch 1.04 is the first large fix to ensure that player progress is not lost while sadly players who have already lost save files cannot get anything back.

“For those asking about their lost characters or rank, those will not be able to be restored so we sincerely hope that this cash stimulus we’re giving out this month will help you get back on your feet or to make your new life in Los Santos & Blaine extra sweet”

New York Comic con shows off story trailer for The Legend of Zelda:A Link Between Worlds

A new trailer for “The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds” was shown off at New York Comic Con and it gives a look at what we can expect from the story so far. For a start we learn more about the other world, a place known as Lorule, we get to see Princess Hilda and the villian (a female version of Ganandorf?) seems to be kidnapping members of the Hyrule royal family – including Zelda.

  The Legend of Zelda:A Link Between Worlds comes out 22nd of November in Europe for 3DS

Russian Government plans to Develop Video games

With the recent controversy over Company of Heroes 2 portrayal of Russia, the Russian Government have decided to develop “patriotic” video games and ban video games that “distort history”. The Russian Military History Society has been put in charge of the project and are currently looking for any developers who might be interested in the project.

“A video game has to have not only an entertainment value but it also has to teach and be conducive to patriotic education,” Arseny Mironov, an aid to the Russian Culture Minister told Izvestiya, a Russian newspaper.

Quadrilateral Cowboy wins award at Indiecade

Quadrilateral Cowboy has risen to the ranks of games like FEZ and Limbo! Why? Well it has just won the Grand Jury Award at this years IndieCade festival in LA.

The title is developed by BlENDO games (Thirty Flights of Lovin’ / Gravity Bone) so you can imagine its a pretty insane title, the game is based around the role of a Hacker in an opposite historical version of the 1980’s and features large elements of DOS and coding as gameplay.

You can check out the title at the website:http://blendogames.com/qc/