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Quit Your Cubicles


Quit Your Cubicles – An abstract competitive multi-player Pacman-like game

It is a fast paced 2D mutiplayer Pacman-like maze game, where up to four players compete against each other locally. It combines classic arcade with the mischievous joy of snatching the last pizza slice from the party. The game is built around the idea of creating a vibrant and competitive multi-player experience for two to four players simultaneously. The game takes place on a rectangular playfield where each player takes control of a block square or “worker” that can move in any direction using a corner thumb-stick.
A player can gain advantages by obtaining power ups in the form of a Boost, Pulse or Fuse, each with their own unique abilities. If an enemy touches a player they are sent back to their starting point. Each level is completed when all collectables have been gathered and the game ends when all five levels are completed. The player with the most levels won is crowned the winner of the game and thus finds enlightenment!

Te game also features custom made sound effects where each player represents a different instrument, that changes dynamically depending on the players movement. This creates a unique background track each time you play the game, We think this feature is unique to this style of game and are very proud of the result.

Quit Your Cubicles boasts ten quirky levels each consisting of their own unique puzzles and obstacles. It’s best played with four players so if you have time grab some of your colleagues/friends/pets and give it a try.

As we had a lot of fun making this game and as people seemed to like the concept we decided to put it up on the google play store. You can download it for free here!

While at the moment the game is free (no annoying adverts or popups to get you to buy a character wig or hat) we have talked about making a more premium version with single player leaderboards and network multiplayer to allow players to compete all over the world. As this is the first mobile project we have targeted Android but we have thought about iOS as another platform if the feedback leads us there.

We hope you have some fun with the game and for more information click the links below!

Facebook / Gamecraft  / Google Play