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Pokémon X/Y – Dos and Don’ts

Pokémon X/Y – Dos and Don’ts


A full review is in swing at the moment and as soon as I can tear myself away from the game long enough to ask one of the gangs here to do the same thing and write it for me so I can keep playing! In the meantime however I did manage to shake some advice out of them and here are our Pokémon X/Y Dos and Don’ts!


Don’t blow your money on clothes straight away- you’ll look good but you’ll be stuck for some cash to pay for potions

Don’t use the Wonder Trade it’s full of rabbits, robins and caterpies!

Do rollerblade everywhere and not just because I’m afraid of bicyles but because it’s fabulous!

Don’t forget to stock up on PokéBalls

Do swap codes with mates, more people to mooch bonuses and Pokemon from!

Do not (yes this is cheating but be quiet and no one else will notice) be lazy – go to the Pokémon centre, it’s free and means you can save money for hats!


Don’t bring Mewtwo into random Wi-Fi battles. Everyone and their mother is doing it, and it ruins the fun for everyone else

Do look around in routes until you’ve done about 20-odd battles, every route has a bloody massive selection of Pokémon available. 

Don’t ignore Super Training and Pokémon-Amie: Super Training’s a quick and easy way of raising your stats, and Pokémon-Amie is both unbearably cute *and* gives you in-battle bonuses.

Do, do, DO have a counter for Fairy-types on hand. They will f*ck you up…

Don’t just kill off Hordes with hit-all moves. They often come with a rare Pokémon included, and even if they don’t, the ones among them often have rare Abilities

Do use swap-outs a lot to level-up, you get a ton more experience with the new system.


Do explore everything, and talk to everyone. There’s so much new stuff and interesting tidbits hidden away, just take the time to explore and find out everything about Kalos.

Don’t think that the nickname system is silly, because you will spend the whole game being called “Moose” by your NPC friends.

Do take a break every now and then – even if it’s just to peel your eyes off the screen to Google some tips/tricks!

Don’t spend hours looking for an Abra just to have the little bastard Teleport away. Do take advantage of your friends to get them to send you the Abra instead.

Don’t engage in link battles with your friend who has significantly lower-levelled Pokémon just to boost your self-esteem” *cough*Naomi*cough*