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News: GTA makes a Billion

News: GTA makes a Billion


Only being out in stores for 3 days, Grand Theft Auto V has raked in a staggering $1 Billion. The game has the largest Budget for any game, and an insane $270 Million, and it certainly shows.

The news that it is selling well isn’t what shocks me, it’s the amount that is. Even here in my area, everyone is obsessed with this, all I hear is GTA V, and so I can just imagine how well it’s doing in other countries. But I mean with all the controversy about the performance of the game on current Gen, Would it have done better on next Gen?, as I have gotten a lot of questions if it is coming out on PS4 or Xbox One, so it’s an interesting thought.

Whatever problems the game has, my lord it is selling well, and I feel sorry for any games that are coming out/have come out this month that have to go against this title because it seems set to dominate for quiet some time!

[Words, Ciaran Nolan]