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Mirrors Edge 2 confirmed?

Mirrors Edge 2 confirmed?


Has it? We’re a little confused but here is the way the story broke down!

Firstly, we’re assuming you know about Mirror’s Edge, the game that surprised us all, took our breath and gave us vertigo! We ran, slid, jumped and kicked our way as Fate trying to rescue our sister and tear a conspiracy apart. Not to be overdramatic but the game was f**king AMAZING and we’ve been waiting for news of a sequel since and we got that news this morning… kind of…

Developers of the game, DICE were talking about not wanting to be tied down to the Battlefield series and looking into other games and fans began to speculate and then Ben Cousins, former executive producer of the Battlefield franchise over at DICE took to Twitter to fan the flames…

If anyone would know, then Cousins would given his former position in the company! After that the happy feelings of fuzziness turned a little sour with this response from Stefan Borberg who currently works at DICE tweeted:

Now it doesn’t name Cousins but it’s hard not to see the link!

So is Mirrors Edge 2 in the pipeline? Well Boberg didn’t say no, there are about 300 people currently working at DICE and according to EA Games Vice President while speaking to OXM said that, “…not all of them are working on Battlefield things, and that’s intentional, because we don’t want to become a Battlefield factory.”

We can only hope!