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BioWare wants your help!

BioWare wants your help!


Not one to rest on their laurels, BioWare are already looking into the world of Mass Effect 4 but have hit a bit of a roadblock and are now asking the community/legions of fans and gamers to help them out! The problem/question? Should Mass Effect 4 follow the events of Mass Effect 3 and continue onwards or should it go back and look at events prior to the current timeline of the series?

Executive Producer of the series, Casey Hudson is asking fans to let him know what they’d like to see:

So what do you think? Should Mass Effect 4 take a look at the events that led up to the series, maybe you want to see how Earth joining the Citadel Council went down? Or perhaps out first intergalactic war with the Turians, in the ‘First Contact War’? Maybe that’s not enough and you want to see what happens after the events of Mass Effect 3?

We’d love to know what you think but don’t forget to let BioWare and Casey know either!