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Arcade of Legends: The Art of Stealth

Arcade of Legends: The Art of Stealth


Stealth is “the act or action of proceeding furtively, secretly, or imperceptibly”, it requires, skill, dexterity and above all else a shrewd mind to master. So what happens when you combine the ability to hide one’s self from your enemies and the League of Legends? Well you find yourself with some extremely quick and deadly champions!

Currently four champions employ the use of the ability of stealth or invisibility (we’re not including decoys or tumbles!) as an ability be it passive or  active! Teemo, Shaco, Twitch and Evelyn all base their abilities around their talents for hiding in plain sight.

Of these four, two, Twitch and Evelyn utilise invisibility and are able to stay cloaked from enemy champions for up to 50 seconds (once the ability is maxed out!), Shaco combines invisibility with a short ranged teleport or jump while Teemo will vanish if he remains motionless, his ultimate also allows him to plant Shrooms which become invisible to enemy champions.
When activated each champion’s ability to go into a stealth mode also grants them a temporary bonus or additional skill:

Evelyn – while cloaked, Eve will apply a short slow on any enemy she attacks, this was nerfed from a powerful stun to a meagre slow.
Shaco – after using his ability, his chances for a critical hit is increased.
Teemo – if he emerges from his stealth position Teemo is granted a temporary movement and attack speed bonus. 
Twitch – the longer he remains undetected and invisible, Twitch’s attack speed increases for a short duration after he uncloaks.

Shaco and Evelyn are often taken to the jungle (you will not see many jungler Eves these days but we are out there!) and have a handy knack for pinching a kill or opening up an enemy for brutal damage from an ally. Teemo can be just as deadly, tricking enemies into believing he is off their lane before realising all too late that the Yordle has uncloaked and delivered a blinding dart and some shredding poison! Twitch is a travelling assassin, moving freely between lanes with some ‘Boots of Mobility’.

These items are not your friend!

However it’s not just a matter of turning invisible and ruining the game for your enemies, ‘Vision’ wards or an enemy champion possessing an Oracle Elixir quickly become a pain in your invisible ass. 

One of the best things about stealth champions is their versatility, each of these four can be built purely on attack damage, ability power or a hybrid of both builds allowing you to quickly adapt to your enemies selection and champion builds.Stealth offers many tactical advantages, freedom to explore and scout the map, a chance to pick off stray enemies, track weakened champions on the run and even drop wards for your team and opening up the map, the key to this awesome skill is knowing when to strike with it.

So when it comes to dualling on Summoner’s Rift or conquering in Dominion, what Stealth champion do you prefer to assassinate with?

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