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Whacha Watchin?


We’ve a brand new Wednesday segment here at the Arcade, ‘Whacha Watchin/Playin/Listenin tah’ is our way of getting faster, shorter reviews to you guys here! Sometimes you’re too busy to read a full review, so we’re condensing ours just for you! Five mini reviews about some of the games, movies, TV shows and music we’ve been checking out recently! Enjoy!

1 – Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

Private Investigator, Rin Asogi harbours a secret, she is unable to die! Centuries old, the woman struggles to keep a normal life and run her business as her past continually looms over her and mysterious figures seek to bring about her true death. Nothing is as it seems in her world and when other Immortals begin to vanish and with the increase in the number of Angels, Rin must uncover the truth before it is too late.

Terrifyingly sadistic, visually captivating, erotic and gore-filled, Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne is a dark and beautiful Anime. With crisp, clear and perfect animation, this is not a series for fans of cuter bubblier Anime. Character development is rushed but then the whole series lasts only six episodes.

If you’re a fan of horror and mystery, check this out!

2 – Unsaid / Trailer

We’ve not much to say about this just yet but we are intrigued by the trailer. An Irish film produced by TIDAL, written and directed by Stevie Russell, it stars Conor Delaney, Des Keogh, Sean Duggan and Derek Reid.

Unsaid (Trailer) from TIDAL on Vimeo.

3 – Cowboys and Aliens

Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde star in the movie adaptation of the graphic novel published in 2006. The story follows like this… an Outlaw (Craig) wakes up in the desert suffering from amnesia and a strange metallic bracelet stuck to his arm after wandering to a nearby town he soon finds himself facing up to the cattleman (Ford) he had just robbed from only for the entire town to be attacked by aliens and its people abducted. Alongside a mysterious woman (Wilde) who claims her family were also taken, they travel to rescue the town-folk and drive out the alien invaders.

It’s all kinds of weird but we actually enjoyed it. It’s not exactly solid performances from any of the cast but it’s mind numbing explosions and fantastic CGI with some of the best aliens we’ve ever seen or believed we had seen!

If you don’t mind watching stupid stuff, then you should check this out!

4 – Thundercats

No, not the new stuff, we’re talking old school Thundercats! The original series first aired on January 23rd 1985 and would run for four years, with four seasons, a movie, comics and action figures under its belt. The first season contained 65 episodes and it dealt mostly with the Thundercats leaving Thundera behind and finding a new home on a distant planet, the remaining seasons changed format and ran for twenty episodes each but were still about the adventures of the Thundercats on their new homeworld.

For those of you not in the know, the Thundercats were made up of: Lion-O, the leader of the group and wielder of the Eye of Thundera which granted the mighty warrior sight beyond sight, Cheetara (this writers personal favourite) the fastest of the Cats possessing a powerful Bo Staff and a sixth sense that allows her to have visions, Wily Kat and Kit twin siblings who possess agility as well as traps and bombs, Tygra the 2nd-in-Command is a powerful warrior and scientist and Panthro the strongest of all the Thundercats, he is also a mechanical engineer and pilot.

If you fancy a serious blast from the past then look no further!

5 – Jeremy Kyle US

Seriously?! What complete gobshite decided it was a good idea to export this hypocritical narcissistic ‘chat show’ host outside of the UK?! Feeding off the misery and despair of other human beings this guy believes that by shouting at people with problems and humiliating them on national/international television and doing a poxy Christmas special, he may just every now and then help someone!

We saw this while flicking through the channels… DO NOT WATCH THIS GOBSHITE!