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Ace Attorney 10th Anniversary Announcements

Ace Attorney 10th Anniversary Announcements


Ace Attorney 5 has at last been announced. While there have been reports dating as far back as 2007 about the development of this game, it was allegedly shelved in order in order to allow the developers to work on the Ace Attorney Investigations series. This time it’s official, the game having been announced by Capcom at a 10th anniversary event for the series in Tokyo.

This same event also brought small news of Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney for the 3DS: the anime studio Bones will be producing the animated cutscenes for the game, which should be released sometime this year. Famitsu has featured some stills of said cutscenes from the game;


While consoles or even mentions of international releases have come about yet, it is likely that this game will be for the 3DS or Vita. Given that the developers stated that the Phoenix Wright trilogy had ended, it seems safe to assume that this latest game will likely be the second installation to the Apollo Justice series.

Also announced this morning was an HD iOS port of all three of the original Phoenix Wright trilogy. Not one game, but all three together, making for a sweet deal for anyone who has not already bought into the Ace Attorney series. You’ll be hearing no objections on our end!