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Interview with Elaine Carroll, of comedy web series "Very Mary Kate"

Interview with Elaine Carroll, of comedy web series "Very Mary Kate"


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Once in a while, you will stumble across a video on the internet that will have you in fits of laughter, we’ve all seen ‘Charlie the Unicorn’, ‘Kelly’s Shoes’ and hell if you were desperate enough for a giggle you probably checked out ‘Chris Crocker’. Busy doing very important and critical work, the @rcade stumbled across a video entitled ‘Moving Out’ and we were hooked instantly, so much so in fact, we watched every video by the ‘Very Mary Kate’ channel. The comedy web series follows the adventures of one half of superstar twin set, Mary Kate Olsen as she struggles to deal with the issues of everyday life – moving house, handing in college papers and hallucinating on expired medication.

Well since we were hooked we had to learn more and so we set about trying to discover who the gem behind these hilarious videos was and after some serious sleuthing we uncovered the identity of the mystery comedian/actress/legend to be that of Elaine Carroll.

Writing, directing, producing, editing and acting, making coffee for her cast and crew, Elaine has brought one of the funniest and best web-series to the internet. Her performance as the rich teen princess and her rich teen princess twin sister is flawless, (flawless in the sense that we’ve never met the Olsen twins but we’ve always assumed that they acted just as Elaine portrays them). Less than two minutes in length, each episode is guaranteed to have you laughing within the first 12 seconds (how exact!) and you will no doubt be hooked as we were and will certainly need to check out more of her stuff.

Taking time out of her schedule, Elaine sits down with the @rcade to talk about her career, her plans and the philosophies of acting, however the interview was cut short due to Mary Kate’s sudden and abrupt appearance…

Can you tell us a little about who you are?

Sure! I’m Elaine, I’m from Richmond, Virginia. When I told my dad I was doing an interview with an Irish Publication, I think I saw more pride in his eyes than ever before! I made up my mind that I wanted to be an actress when I was 7. I started off doing theatre, and when I got to college, I started a sketch comedy group with a bunch of friends. And I’ve been doing comedy pretty much non-stop since then. My sketch group, Dutch West, started filming our sketches, and putting them up on the internet. That’s where I paved the way for “Very Mary Kate”.

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Where did the idea for ‘Very Mary Kate’ come from?

I auditioned for Saturday Night Live, and one of my impressions was the Olsen Twins. It went over really well, but obviously I didn’t get on the show, however I still wanted to do the impression. So I decided, you know what? I’m just gonna write it myself and put it up on the internet.

On average how long does it take to complete an episode?

In episode takes a ridiculously short time to film and a ridiculously long time to edit. Generally I can film an episode in about an hour, but I’m not too experienced as an editor, so that process is sometimes 3 times as long!

Can we expect to see anymore celebrities appearing in future episodes?

Definitely. Any suggestions?

Have you any plans for the future? Where do you see the ‘Very Mary Kate’ series going?

I want the “Very Mary Kate” series to evolve. I want to challenge the attention span of my viewers and start producing longer stuff. I also want to experiment with format and tone. I think it’s too soon to call for a gritty reboot of the series, I just want to change things up to keep myself entertained!

As for me, I filmed a small role in a movie called “The Good Doctor” due out next year, had a small role in next season of Mad Men, and hopefully much, much more!

Mary Kate suddenly storms into the middle of our interview and demands we stop unless we interview her as well…

Very Mary Kate still

Eh, Mary Kate what’s it like being an All American Internet/Television/Magazine/Fashion sensation?

It’s fine I guess. Chilly.

Do you have any advice for the tweens out there struggling for a breakthrough?

Clean the infected area, warm compress on for 15 minutes, don’t pick at it.

How has life been since the death of your cat, Comet? Assuming he is in fact…deceased!

It sucks. Scientists came over and took his cat DNA and made me a clone, but Comet 2 is weird and aggressive.

Have you ever felt that maybe Ashley is trying to muscle in on your popularity/life/bodyguard?

Please… Ashley couldn’t muscle her way out of a Diane von Furstenberg Wrap Dress.

Finally, Mary Kate if you were trapped in an arcade for eternity, what game would you play to pass the time?

Red Dead Redemption! I feel like I’m in “Back to the Future 3” which is obviously the best of the “Back to the Future” series. Anyone who disagrees can eat poo.

Check out one of the hilarious episodes, where Mary Kate finally moves out…

We really can’t wait for more of Mary Kate’s adventures and of course we can’t wait to see Elaine in her role in ‘The Good Doctor’. You know when you get the feeling that someone is going to be really famous? Well we feel that way about Elaine, her hard work, her comedic genius and her endearing personality have her all set on the right track and when you look as adorable as she does well then the world is your oyster… or at least a picture of an oyster! (Mary Kate jokes are fun!)

If you want to check out more of Elaine’s work then you can visit any of her websites below for more of her hilarious videos and her amusing postings!

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