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Band Interview – Three Places

Band Interview – Three Places


Three Places are a Dublin based band made up of Eilis, Brian, James and Mono. I found their band on MySpace and after contacting the band we arranged to meet up so I could learn more about them and their sound. It’s a sunny afternoon in Dublin city and I meet the gang in Temple Bar, we stroll around for a few minutes and instantly they make me feel like part of the band. We settle into a quiet pub and after James gets in a round of drinks we start talking about Three Places.

Is there any reason you took the name Three Places?

James: Back when we were younger, me and Brian used to think that certain songs felt like places. Or something. It was something silly that just kinda stuck really.

How did you all meet each other?

Mono: Me and James met in primary school and had been involved in a few other bands previous to Three Places. We both met Brian in 5th year of secondary school and then came to know Eilis through Brian.

Do you all have similar taste in music?

Eilis: For the most part yeah. Like we all love Deftones and Silverchair and stuff like that. But then James is mad for his Cure and older bands like that, and Brian plays alot of piano so he listens to alot of classical stuff. Mono likes a good few rappers too like Aesop Rock and Atmosphere and that. And I’m mad for my emo crap.

When it comes to your own sound, could you describe it in less than five words? Why those words?

James: super trippy happy post rock. Because it makes sense.

If you were to compare your stuff to any another group who would it be?

Brian: Nirvana with a hint of Metallica. And a sprinkling of glitter. James: No just glitter. Eilis: Hah! but seriously though… James: Well the guitar on some songs has been compared to Deftones. Eilis: Sometimes we can be epic though! Like Russian Circles or This Will Destroy You. Except I sing. Obviously. But not like Amy Lee! I always get compared to her cos it’s the easiest similarity to draw. We’re both female and in rock bands. Oh we must be the same! Pisses me right off! Haha. Not that there’s anything wrong with Evanesence… I just.. I’m a different kind of singer… I hope…

What are your plans for the future?

Eilis: Well the demo is finished now so hopefully we’ll get some gigs lined up during the summer to try and get more people listening to us and then see where it goes from there I guess.

Finally if you were trapped in an Arcade for all eternity what one game would you play to pass the time?

All: Street Fighter 4!!!

The band treat me to an impromptu session, Eilis on vocals and the guys making beats with the table and glasses. Afterwards I am invited back to the guys place for a game of Street Fighter IV and while I am never one to back down from a challenge, my time is short and I have to leave the guys debating who is the better player.

Three Places are definitely going places, so to get a feel for their amazing sounds then you better check out http://www.myspace.com/threeplaces